With the launch of the all-new Porsche 911, the legendary sports car manufacturer made some changes. Some were major, like its fully revamped interior, and others were quite small.

Take, for example, its badging.

The more we look at it, it seems like something's off. And it's not just one thing, either.

Taking it from the top, why does the ass-end of today's Porsches require the brand name spelt out like "P O R S C H E"? The brand identity is quite strong and the simple crest on the hood used to do the trick. What's Porsche have to prove anyway?

With the 911 models, Porsche has decided to slap on top of the model's script "911." Note that it is in a completely different font from both the "P O R S C H E" as well as the 'Carrera," designation.

Lastly, why the need for so much information in the script? For example, the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid reads "Cayenne Turbo S" across its tailgate. Is there really a need for E-Hybrid badging on the fenders as well? Couldn't it simply read Turbo S with the Acid Green branding and be done with it?

All that said, we just had to ask: Is it us or does the badging on the all-new Porsches CHEAPEN the look of its cars?

Do The Badges On All-new Porsches CHEAPEN The Look Of Its Cars?

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