You know, it's funny. Sometimes it takes another vehicle to truly discover the purpose — or pitfalls — of another one.

And sometimes it takes a magazine, which typically has more creative editorial freedom, to bring that to light.

The folks over at CAR magazine in the UK have a long-term Volvo S90 R-design in its fleet. While its editor-in-chief has been logging his experience, other vehicles cycle in and out of his driveway. One of the latest being thee Porsche 911 (992).

To sum it up in one sentence: The 992 isn't the 911 of yore, mostly for worse.

If you're more curious about their experience with the S90, click "Read Article," below. Month eight's update is especially interesting given a few issues popped up — two electrical, one software-related and one more related to a squeaky side view mirror.

Month 9 living with a Volvo S90: S90 vs 911

Dream two-car garage? Not quite, and it’s actually the Porsche that would have a tougher time justifying its place if two cars had to become one. I’m rather fond of the S90, and if it were the big-booted V90 estate there’s nowt I’d change – it could be the Pulman family wagon for the next decade. 

But the other car, while being a better all-rounder than ever before, isn’t what it once was: this Carrera S just does not sound like a sports car with a flat-six should, doesn’t excite me like 911s of old, and the ergonomics, once a Porsche forte, are a bit of a mess. 

It seems being a father changes you. Normal Porsche-loving service will be resumed in a decade or so when I hit the midlife crisis.

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