Today's automotive industry is undergoing a major shift. And it's not just electric vehicles. Between hybridization, catering to die-hard enthusiasts with greater lifetime value and the average consumers desiring sport-utility vehicles, it's a tough time to be making judgment calls at automakers.

One or two wrong moves can put a manufacturer in an extremely bad position.

All that considered, buyers are still flocking to showrooms. Gas prices, relatively speaking, are low and incentives are quite plentiful if you know how to shop.

One thing we're trying to understand here at AutoSpies is how buyers may be changing in their attitudes. It's clear that dealerships are having to adjust their strategies and tactics. Negotiating has many different flavors these days as buyers and sellers meet to do hand-to-hand combat.

But what intrigues me most right now is what is the "X" factor for today's car shoppers. What's the number ONE motivating factor in YOUR purchasing decision? Is it price, power, utility (space), technology/features, infotainment (software) or something else?

Let us know in the comments below!

What's The NUMBER ONE Motivating Factor In YOUR Purchasing Decision Today? Price? Power? Utility? Tech? Infotainment?

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