If you're the owner of an all-new BMW M car, you might want to take a seat for a moment and pay attention. BMW has issued a stop-sale on the M5, M8, X5M and X6M.

The issue is related to the wiring harness of the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Apparently, its placement is causing it to get damaged thereby resulting in a short circuit.

If that happens, any of the aforementioned vehicles may slip into neutral while at speed. Obviously, this is hugely problematic.

Notices will be distributed via first class mail in February 2020 as the tools, fix and protocol are sorted out by BMW corporate.

For more details, check out this thread about the recall in the Bimmerpost forum.

BMWs sure are nice to drive, but reliability has never been a strong point of the Bavarian automaker. As cars and SUVs get even more complex thanks to electronics and millions of lines of code, the inevitable is bound to happen at one point or another. This time around, M models with the eight-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission are under recall.

“Certain vehicles” from the M5, M8, X5 M, and X6 M are affected, namely those manufactured between January and November 2019. Those still in inventory have been slapped with a stop-sale order, in effect until BMW service technicians rectify the automatic transmission’s problem...

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RECALL ALERT: Slew Of All-new, BMW M Cars RECALLED Due To MAJOR Transmission Issue

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