One vehicle that typically remains at the top of every enthusiasts "to do" list is the BMW M3. Over the years it has underwent significant changes.

It originally had a four-cylinder that was updated to an inline six that was then updated to a high-revving V8 and now it's using a turbocharged I6. The next-gen M3 and M4 will follow suit, however, it will use the latest S engine found in the X3M and X4M.

That means power will increase to just over 470 horsepower in standard trim and just a tick over 500 for Competition models.

In the latest M3 spy shots though, we're going to focus on its interior. That's because these snaps are the best one yet and reveal a couple interesting things.

First off, yes, there will be a manual transmission. There's just one catch: Rear-wheel drive models only, according to reports.

Secondly, check out the seats. In the purported RWD-variant with a standard transmission, it features seats akin to the current-gen M5. Comfortable and well bolstered, these are probably the best seats BMW's ever produced. BUT, in a second photo we're seeing seats that are much more different. They're carbon fiber-backed and have strategic cut outs in the backrest as well as lower squab's side bolsters. Seems to me that BMW has stepped up the intensity of its lightweight seat game. If that's the case, expect these to be highly desired for years to come.

The beaver-tooth front grille remains to be seen.

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