Now that the Blue Oval has dipped its toes into the electric vehicle landscape with a full-on EV in form of the Mach-E, it's only a matter of time. An electric Mustang coupe will likely come at some point.

And while I am sure many will freak out and split their wig, something tells me it won't be as bad as initially thought.

Just think: If Porsche can build a sport-utility vehicle, the Corvette can go mid-engine and Ferrari can produce a hot hatch, anything is possible. That's just the reality, Spies.

And if an EV Mustang is the fastest one ever with the best handling for the pony car, who cares?

That, in addition to some hints dropped by Ford's top engineers, got the Ford community buzzing. Rightfully so, I would say. Because of this, the Mach-E forums online decided to imagine what a Ford Mustang Coupe would look like with some bits from the Mach-E. Don't mind the Audi RS wheels.

So, what do YOU think? IF Ford were to build an EV Mustang and it looked like THIS, would YOU want one?

It’s only a matter of time till a Mustang EV hits Ford showrooms, as suggested by Ron Heiser, Chief Engineer of the Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV.

This and other key details about the Blue Oval's electric future were learned in an interview with
Motoring, shortly after the Mustang Lithium EV prototype made its debut at SEMA. Ford built that one-off prototype to provide an early look at the Mustangs battery-electric future that's possible now, thanks to the new scalable EV architecture that underpins the Mach-E and several EV's to follow...

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RENDERED SPECULATION: IF Ford Were To Build An EV Mustang And It Looked Like THIS, Would YOU Want One?

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