You know, I am not sure what it is but people are funnier than ever. Also, they're much more creative.

Perhaps it's the democratization of technology, which enables people to be creative like never before. Perhaps it's just the meme culture we happen to live in. Perhaps it's both?

Either way, we ran across something that's too out of control and hilarious not to share with the Spies.

That would be, of all things, a decorated snowplow. On the surface that sounds awfully lame. But when you see that someone used a blown up image of Al Pacino portraying Tony Montana from Scarface on their plow, boy, it's just laugh out loud funny.

See what we mean, below.

That said, have YOU come across any hilarious snow plow decorations before? If so, we want to know more.

WEIRD and WONDERFUL: Is This The Funniest Snowplow Decoration EVER?

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