Well, this is a bit perplexing.

Mercedes-AMG released a video just before the holidays saying "Thank you," to its entire staff. That's pretty cool. But, something may have been cooler and was hiding in plain sight.

At the very end of the cilp, an all-new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe is spotted with camouflage on the lower valence. It then takes off silently followed by that electric vehicle whirring noise.

Is Mercedes-AMG telling us an EV variant is on the way? Seems that way. Rumors suggest that this is the Mercedes-AMG GT73 but not much substantive information is available at the time.

That, of course, got me thinking: WHAT IF you were able to electrify ANY vehicle of your choice? WHICH automobile would you choose and WHY?

THIS IS FOR OUR AMG TEAM! Thanks for your incredible performance throughout the whole year, full of exciting moments and your inner drive to always achieve the best. A big THANK YOU also to the Mercedes-AMG family and friends for your support in 2019.

WHAT IF? If YOU Could Have An Electrified Version Of ANY Vehicle, WHICH Would YOU Choose And WHY?

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