Mark DaGraca had five clutch replacements on his 2016 Ford Focus and finally gave up.

Now he has a bigger monthly payment on a car loan that has ballooned in size.

“I ultimately had to trade the car in because it was not safe,” he said Dec. 9. “Just wanted to let you know that when I got my Focus, the dealership in Haverhill, Massachusetts, told me Ford was having a deal on Focus cars — a 1.9% interest rate on those cars only, regardless of credit. So, because of that, we bought the car. Within 16,000 miles, my car needed a new transmission. Every attempt with Ford to get this car taken back or made right was met with, ‘You don’t qualify for anything.’ Finally, I bought a new Ford Escape last month because I had to drive (the Focus a few blocks) home one day in reverse because it would not drive forward.”

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New Twist: Focus Owner Blames Ford For His Debt

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