One of the most exciting all-new products that has buzz today is the upcoming Ford Bronco. As I've noted previously, it's one of the top vehicles I am constantly receiving inquiries about.

What I find amazing is the variety of folks interested in it too.

**See the BEST real-life pictures of the Ford Bronco R HERE!

The all-new Bronco has the attention of men and women, young and old. The latest Ford truck does not discriminate.

After a bit of quiet time, I am happy to report we've got some news related to the nameplate. That would be what's purported to be a leaked shot of a key part. That would be the all-new Bronco's headlight. Recall, the Bronco R didn't reveal key components but rather a rough shell.

Posted to a Bronco-specific forum, Bronco6G, it is said to come from someone working on the Bronco project. And this is not a "baby" Bronco headlight. This is the big daddy.

If true, we give the person props for doing so but we're thinking this was highly risky given the extremely tight-lipped nature of Ford around this specific project.

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LEAKED! Someone Intimately Involved With The All-new Ford Bronco Just RISKED It ALL!

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