As someone who is self-described as an automotive geek, it's no surprise that the reveal of the all-new Audi RS6 had me swooning. I mean, who doesn't love an obscenely powerful, sinister looking wagon — our friends at the four rings prefer the term Avant.

Though I appreciate the RS7's fastback design, I dig the utility a wagon provides. Simple as that.

And it's coming stateside for the first time! How cool is that?

While leafing through my usual collection of automotive publishers, I came across something interesting. That would be a story by CAR where it went for an intimate drive with Audi's creative director, Marc Lichte. You know, the guy responsible for the look of the company's production vehicles. Here's the kicker: It was in his RS6.

It turns out 7 copies were made and distributed among the company's leadership team. It's painted an especially unique shade of green. I'd elaborate but I'd prefer if you saw it for yourself and weighed in.

Having said, we want to know: Is the Marc Lichte RS6 AWESOME or AWFUL?

...We're in Audi creative director Marc Lichte's RS6, and he seems very happy to have an excuse to go for a drive. Within the Ingolstadt city limits, a lamb could not be gentler than Lichte. But as soon as we fork off the main drag and head for the kingdom of corners, unbridled excitement releases a dynamic chain reaction...

...Lichte has created a very special first edition. Seven units have been built and delivered to board members and directors. He tells me: 'The initial response was so positive that we are going to offer this tailor-made colour and trim combination through the Exclusive division. I actually sold one car myself to a total stranger who walked up to me and told me, "I want mine to look exactly like that..."

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is Marc Lichte's Specially Built Audi RS6 Making You Lose Sleep Or Lose Your Lunch?

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