If you're an AutoSpies follower, by now you've probably realized a couple of things.

1) We tell the story as we see fit. You may not like what we have to say but we're going to tell it how it is. We do our best to help you, the buyer.

2) We like to have fun.

More on that second point.

Earlier this weekend I posted a CAR magazine story that talked about Audi's creative director's latest personal vehicle, his RS6 Avant. Painted a rather...interesting...shade of tactical green, it's certainly unique.

Perhaps it's because Lamborghini is within the Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) family but I couldn't help but think of Kanye West's Urus. You know, the one that's wrapped prosthetic limb beige and sits on massive Boyd Coddington wheels?

Well, I figured let's put these two side by side and see who really screwed the pooch worse. Keep in mind that both of these folks are creative types and fancy themselves as designers. As I've been saying to all of my friends wondering why those atrocious, platform Balenciaga sneakers are hip: Ugly is the new cool.

So, Spies, WHO did it WORSE? Kanye or Lichte?

Who Did It WORSE? Kanye Or Lichte?

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