Looking across the automotive landscape, we know one thing rings true in today's automotive market: Size matters. Buyers are flocking for large sport-utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.

And the want is only getting stronger.

So, it perplexes us when brands, like Audi, have invested in scaling their product portfolio but are NOT delivering what customers exactly want. That would be seating for seven in a full-size SUV.

According to Auto Bild, that may be changing. Rumors suggest that the four rings is tipped to reveal a full-size Q9 by the end of 2020. Obviously, things are just underway in the new year and this is the first report of such news.

It makes a lot of sense though. The Mercedes-Benz GLS has been a suburban parent's dream and the all-new BMW X7 is doing quite well. Why wouldn't Audi want to go toe-to-toe?

That said, the Auto Bild team commissioned a rendering of what a Q9 may look like.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Size Matters! Do YOU Think It's Time For Audi To STEP UP To The Plate With A Full-sized Q9 SUV?

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