The past 12 months has been an interesting one for the world of high-end, limited sports cars. That's because companies like Ferrari and McLaren have rolled out super limited models that come missing a key item for an automobile.

That would be a roof.

You see there's good reason for this. It's for special speedster models. Cars equipped with monster engines, no roof and are meant for grand touring. Essentially, they're a throwback to the early days of racing.

And Aston Martin's joining the fray.

Details are pretty mum at this point but it seems clear that its V12 speedster will use the DBS Superleggera's powerplant, which is good for about 700 horsepower. Only 88 units are to be built and estimates suggest a cost of about $1MM USD.

...We have no idea what it looks like – the silhouette with the little helmeted driver you see above is all we have right now – but let’s be in no doubt that it’ll probably look quite tasty. It’s being built in honour of Aston’s 1959 Le Mans win in that fabulous DBR1, and the CC100 Speedster concept car built for the company’s centenary.

It is apparently a “visceral celebration” of Aston’s past. To wit, it’ll get a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 hoofed under the bonnet, producing no less than 700bhp and 516lb ft of torque, matched up to an eight speed ZF auto gearbox mounted “towards the rear”...

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TEASED! Aston Martin Set To Challenge Ferrari And McLaren With A V12-powered, Limited Speedster

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