My thinking goes something like this: If you own a vehicle long enough, something is bound to happen. That's just a simple fact of life.

Sh!t happens.

And, boy, did one mom learn a big lesson. While driving a Tesla Model X, it appears the driver lets the kids out to enter their home via the three-car garage. As we all know, the Model X makes use of "falcon doors."

Unfortunately, the driver's side rear falcon door didn't close and it all went down hill from there. As the mother pulled in, the door was smashed. We're thinking that's going to be one helluva repair bill.

That said, we were just curious: Has anything THIS STUPID happened to you with one of your cars in the garage?

I recall in another thread a user shared their horror story of running over a paint can in the garage. While I don't wish that fate on anyone, it certainly had me laughing a bit too hard.

My mom in her Tesla X vs. the Garage... Which will win? Caught on Nest cam security.

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VIDEO: Have YOU Ever Done Something THIS STUPID With Your Car In The Garage?

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