We're only 11 days in, Spies, and 2020 is off to a helluva start. Conflict in the Middle East, record highs in the stock market and plenty of mud slinging.

If the first full week is any indicator of the rest of the year, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

We already knew that though. The automotive industry is doing its best to continue growing but there's a lot of pressure building up. With manufacturers throwing record amounts of cash on the hood, they're doing their best to keep up the momentum. We reckon there's a good chance the bottom falls out. You see, there's a delicate game being played right now and the house of cards may collapse.

That being said, we're thinking some auto manufacturers aren't going to make it to 2021. Due to poor decision making and even worse products, we're going to see some companies close the shutters. In other cases, we're simply going to see certain nameplates disappear due to sales performance not meeting expectations.

So, we've got to ask: WHICH companies or WHICH models will we say BYE to in 2020?

Place your bets, Spies!

PLACE YOUR BETS! Which Auto Companies And/Or Models Will We Say BYE To In 2020?

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