This week will bring forward the official launch of the all-new Genesis GV80, which is long overdue. There's just one thing though.

We've been hearing some things through the grapevine and the word on the street suggests if you're not too enthused about the all-new GV80 you should probably hang on. That's because we're hearing that the Kia Telluride will be receiving a more luxurious trim.

This would include options such as a two-tone roof to make its design pop a bit more, and an off-road package with skid plates, brush guard and knobby tires for that adventurous look. As you'd suspect, there will be an increased palette with more exterior colors to choose from and several new interior colors to choose from.

Frankly, we're pretty excited at the prospect of this since we're kind of disappointed with the all-new GV80's first images.

And if our friends at Kia are listening, this one's on the house: This package should be called the Black Diamond.

We'll keep you dialed in to the latest news, right here on! Stay tuned.

RUMOR! Kia To Add An Even MORE Luxurious Telluride To Its Stable...

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