One segment of autos that consistently takes some fire is the high-performance, sport-utility vehicle class. Many folks don't seem to understand that compromised vehicles still can be a blast and serve a purpose.

And Porsche's been keeping a close eye on the market. It's finally striking back.

That's because the latest reports surrounding the Cayenne GT suggest that the boys and girls from Stuttgart are working on a monster. Dubbed the Cayenne GT, it's expected to do some seriously big things for the Porsche nameplate.

Rumors suggest the Cayenne GT will have an estimated 800+ horsepower. I am sure that'll make for an interesting school run.

As of now, it's currently being tested under the guise of the Cayenne Coupe Turbo S E-Hybrid. The only giveaway is its centrally mounted exhaust, which has never been seen before.

Last year we revealed exclusive pictures of a forthcoming, superheated Cayenne GT Coupe, and now we’ve got more pictures of Porsche’s performance SUV. But unlike last time, where we caught the car stationary, this time our spy photographers have snapped the Coupe in action. And because of the cold conditions, it’s even easier to pinpoint its unusual centre-mounted exhausts...

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SPIED! Is The RUMORED Porsche Cayenne GT With 800+ Horsepower Ready To Take Down ALL The High-performance SUVs?

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