For the past 24 months we've been really documenting all of the important, new sport-utility vehicles and trucks making their way to market. And, since we know our audience is keen on imports, we've provided an extra bit of focus there.

There's no question that many buyers cross shop thee Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class. Both have been historically quite good but there's some changes as of late.

The Q7 is fresh from having an mid-lifecycle update and the GLS is an all-new product.

Our friends at Auto Express recently put them both together for a head-to-head to see which one takes the crown. Below, I've provided you with the verdict, however, if you want to read the FULL piece, click "Read Article," after the jump.

So, WHICH SUV you'd like to put in your driveway? The Q7? The GLS?


First place: Audi Q7

The latest Q7 is the best yet, and combines several key factors to achieve this road test win. Most importantly, it’s more comfortable than the GLS because it has a more composed ride. It’s also better to drive than its competitor, and quite a bit cheaper to run, especially if you’re buying on finance. It’s nearly as well equipped, despite being cheaper, and delivers just as much performance and luxury.

Second place: Mercedes GLS

The GLS is one of the most luxurious SUVs around, so it’s no shame to come second here. It can’t quite match its rival’s ride quality, because it’s not able to control body roll enough for total comfort, but it’s extremely practical, has every bit of kit you could want and its new engine is smooth, powerful and relatively efficient. It’s expensive, though, and not as good to drive as the Q7 either.

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SUV WARS! Which WINS In A Head-to-Head? Audi Q7 vs. Mercedes GLS...

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