In my previous thread, I showed you the all-new Porsche advertisement for the 2020 Super Bowl. But, there's just one more thing.

It turns out there may have been an easter egg in the two minute commercial. That would be the debut of the all-new Porsche 911 GT3. Yup!

At about the 40 second mark when the security guards are frantically picking cars to chase down the Taycan, the shot switches to a trio in an underground garage. They're picking between the all-new 911 (992), a GT2 RS (991) and I believe a 718 Cayman GT4.

If you take a second and rewind, however, you'll note something special in the background hiding right in plain sight. Nestled between a 993 Targa and what appears to be a 928/944 is what appears to be a Riviera or Miami Blue 911 with a pronounced spoiler. In fact, it looks like a GT3. Except if you look closer you'll see the details align with the all-new 992.

NOTE: See the all-new wheels, different spoiler attachment, what *may* be a light bar across the rear and revised front clip.

And having worked in production, I can tell you the car wasn't there at all. Check out the lighting on the 992 GT3. It's WAY off! Looks like it was green-screened then added in post production.

See the clip below.

Seems to be pretty open and shut, Spies. What say you?


SPIED + VIDEO: Did Porsche Just UNVEIL The All-new Porsche 911 GT3?!

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