Over the years, the once-popular Mercedes-Benz SL-Class roadster has seemingly fallen off the radar. As buyers move towards sport-utility vehicles or more hardcore sports cars, the boulevard cruiser seems to have become less relevant.

We're expecting this trend to continue as more focused sports cars like the C8 Chevrolet Corvette make their debut.

The three-pointed star has taken note and is course correcting, thankfully. Responding to macro market shifts, it has given the next-gen SL's development to the AMG team to oversee. This is a significant change of pace given that the SL was always developed by Mercedes-Benz and not the AMG squad.

Welp, times are a changin'.

According to reports, the SL and next-gen AMG GT will actually share the same platform. While the SL is said to remain a cruiser, it will be more dynamically engaging. Oh, and it will say "bye bye" to its folding hard-top roof — a cloth soft top will replace it.

Spotted for the first time while undergoing research & developmental testing, it's clear that the AMG GT inspiration will be strong in this SL. In fact, some of its design cues appear to carry over. Check out its prominent front grille, squinted headlights, rounded hind quarters and thin taillights.

We'll keep you posted with the latest spy shots and information, right here on!

...The images look to be taken at a top-secret development facility. While under wraps, the prototype can be seen to sport a long, sloping bonnet, prominent rear haunches and an angular front grille design. The rounded rear end is similar to that of the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car, which will share a platform with the SL in its next iteration.

Autocar has previously reported that the SL will receive a traditional fabric hood in place of the folding hard-top arrangement that has been used for the past two incarnations...

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