Yesterday, I posted a first impression featuring the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class refresh. Thanks to the folks at Auto Express, we had the chance to better understand what's coming down the 'pike with the enhancements set for the updated E.

But, of course, there's more.

Thanks to an account on Instagram, a leaked photo of the refreshed Mercedes-AMG E63 has surfaced. And it's completely in the nude sitting on what appears to be a factory floor.

Painted a matte charcoal or black, it's clearly the updated model. As seen in the 2021 ridealong thread, we noted the rear taillights were slimmer and akin to the current-gen A-Class. That change is reflected here.

Other elements are more difficult to tell with certainty but we know one more thing: The angular exhaust tips will be staying.

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LEAKED! FIRST Pic Of The REFRESHED Mercedes-AMG E63 Surfaces!

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