Tonight marked a special occasion. That's because Hyundai's luxury division finally showed off its all-new GV80 sport-utility vehicle on US soil for the first time.

Held in Miami, we're thinking the Korean automaker is pretty excited for the SUV's Super Bowl debut to an audience sure to number in the millions. But, as you'd suspect, we're not quite done there.

That's because we're thinking about what's next: What if the GV80 had a sibling?

This, Spies, is where a rendering comes into play. The incredibly talented Aksyonov Nikita has, once again, done something rather interesting. They've decided to take the GV80 and give it a fastback/four-door coupe design that's become ever-so popular with models like the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe.

Although the designs are a bit peculiar, they've really connected with the high net worth, suburban crowd. That said, we've got to ask: Would it be AWESOME or AWFUL if Genesis did a GV80 Coupe?

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AWESOME or AWFUL? IF Genesis Took On The X6 And GLE Coupe With The GV80, Would YOU Be Onboard?

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