In the automotive world, I don't think there's that many auto-centric movie franchises. Sure, there's autos in flicks but, typically, they serve almost as an accessory or as a prop.

Rarely are they the central focus of the film.

The Fast & Furious changed this. While its been about 18-19 years since the original Fast & Furious movie, it has spawned a slew of follow ups. The latest, F9, is slated for a May 22 debut.

Although it's a bit murky, from what we can tell, it's clear that Dominic Toretto's brother — played by John Cena — reenters the main character's life. And, that's not a good thing. Equally buff and apparently credentialed, this is where the action starts.

Some of it believable, most of it not.

That said, we're curious: Does the first OFFICIAL trailer have you wanting to go see Vin Diesel blow stuff up come May 22?

TEASED! The Fast & Furious 9 Drops Its OFFICIAL Trailer — Do YOU Want To See F9?

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