It's actually hard to believe but, yes, it's been 15 years since Google Maps was born. That's right, it's becoming an angsty teenager!

Google decided not to let a big birthday go to waste.

In order to properly celebrate, the Google team has significantly overhauled the application. That includes an updated look and feel, as well as numerous product updates.

Probably my favorite new feature is Live View that overlays directions via augmented reality. I've started seeing this pop up in the latest autos and it's definitely a helpful feature to have.

Having said that, I've got to ask: Is Google Maps still your preferred map app of choice? Or, do you use something different?

Let us know in the comments below!

In 2005, we set out to map the world. Since then we’ve pushed the limits of what a map can do: from helping you easily navigate from point A to B, to helping you explore and get things done in the world. With more than 1 billion people turning to Google Maps to see and explore the world, we're celebrating our 15th birthday with a new look and product updates based on feedback from you.

A fresh look from the inside out

Starting today, you'll see an updated Google Maps app for Android and iOS that gives you everything you need at your fingertips with five easy-to-access tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates...

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Are YOU Digging Google Maps' All-new Look And Feel? Is It Still YOUR Preferred Map App Of Choice?

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