The all-new, eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is here. Well, not here HERE in the United States but that's OK. It's not a volume seller stateside anyway.

If you're a fan of hot hatches though, you may be thrilled to hear that VW is working on a tarted up version of the already potent Golf GTI. Dubbed the Golf GTI TCR, it is rumored to have around 300 horsepower.

This isn't much of a surprise as VW produced a GTI TCR abroad. Whether or not the U.S. will receive it is a question we don't have the answer to at the moment. If I were a betting man, I'd guess probably not.

The Golf R reigns supreme in the States.

Back to the GTI TCR. Spotted undergoing winter testing, the TCR was nabbed wearing a different front clip, sporting a different set of wheels and equipped with a bigger set of cross-drilled brake rotors.

We'll keep you posted about any more Golf GTI sightings.

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...Our spy photographers point to this particular model being the TCR due to its larger, drilled brake discs (GTI ones are solid) and there's a larger intercooler up front. Given the previous one was DSG-only, we expect this one to be the same, with power nearing the 300bhp mark, and we expect the TCR to have a larger rear spoiler than the one attached to the test mule pictured...

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SPIED! All-new Spy Shots Reveal A HOTTER Volkswagen Golf GTI On The Way With ~300HP

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