Jaguar Land Rover is a company that has seen better days. But, if you take a peek at sales, it's clear as day. Land Rover is propping up this British-based conglomerate.

Jaguar, on the other hand, is striking out at the plate looking.

Land Rover's had a busy 12 months. Not only has it revamped the technology across most of its lineup, it's also shipping more fuel-conscious powerplants. Take, for example, the mild hybrid Range Rover Sport I drove last week. I netted 20 mpg as opposed to my usual 14-15. That's not a bad gain considering it has 400 horsepower and it weighs nearly 5,000 pounds.

So, what's next? According to Autocar, there will be an all-new 2022 Range Rover Sport.

Seen in spy shots, the upcoming Rover is definintely an evolution from its current-gen design. Expect it to have more Velar-inspired cues while keeping its rugged silhouette.

NOTE: The test vehicle working its way around the lake has a quad-tipped exhaust, all-new LED headlights, slightly flared wheel arches as well as a big brake kit (looks like six-piston calipers up front).

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Captured being put through its paces on a frozen lake, the model’s disguise is more minimal than is usually the case for a car expected to be up to two years away from launching...

...The third-generation
Porsche Cayenne rival isn't expected to break the mould design-wise, with an evolution to bring today's car thoroughly up to date. However, along with a new platform, It will adopt more electrified powertrains and a range of enhanced technology and will aim to retain the balance of luxury and dynamic ability for which both previous models were renowned...


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SPIED! All-new Spy Pics Of The 2022 Range Rover Sport Hanging Its Ass-end Out On A Frozen Lake...

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