Although Tesla's Gigafactory 3 is up and running, we're thinking that the Coronavirus has tempered the enthusiasm in China. It's OK. Tesla has guided that the impact should be minimal — keep in mind, however, that this outbreak is still in its early stages.

But, Tesla doesn't have all of its eggs in the Chinese basket. It's also in the process of starting the construction for Gigafactory 4, located in Germany.

And, according to Germany's economy minister, there may be an opportunity for Tesla to take advantage of government-based subsidies. As with anything government-related, there is a catch, however.

According to the minister, there must be research & development activity happening at a company's facilities. Essentially, Germany is angling for jobs for its most talented engineers and other scientific resources within the country.

Germany Economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, mentioned Tesla Giga 4 Berlin project in Germany could be able to get subsidies.

He said in a recent interview:

"In my conversations with (Tesla CEO) Elon Musk, I have always made clear that there are no privileges but also no discrimination..."

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Germany's Economic Minister Says That Tesla Is Eligible For Gov't Subsidies BUT There's A Catch For Gigafactory 4

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