What is it with comedians being super into cars? THINK: Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Tim Allen and others. Adam Carolla is a bit more under the radar.

Carolla has super unique taste. That's because he's a huge fan of Bob Sharp-built, Paul Newman race cars. He's a complete nut. That said, he has a slew of other collector cars.

But when he's not tooling around in his Los Angeles-based garage, he's become a helluva entrepreneur in the podcast scene. And, on top of that, he's got a strong opinion when it comes to politics. If you don't know Carolla's story, definitely look it up. He's sort of the American dream. He started out working construction, wound up in comedy and progressed through Hollyweird's entertainment industry and today he's running his own business, Carolla Digital.

Long story short, Carolla did an interview with Tucker Carlson tonight and he brought up some major issues with what's going on in California today. Given that Agent 001 and many of our friends — as well as you, our audience — are California-based, we wanted to elevate this story.

He brought up a good point: Certain economic classes are given a "pass" in California while other folks are constantly being written up for traffic violations. Why? Because they have dough and can help fund government operations.

Take a peek at the interview by clicking the link after the jump and let us know your thoughts, Spies!

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VIDEO: Seinfeld Inspired? Carolla And Cars Talking Politics?

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