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Being one of the world's most wealthy individuals certainly comes with a lot of baggage. Not only is it a tremendous responsibility but it also thrusts you directly into the spotlight. If you weren't built for that, you have to get used to it.

As part of that spotlight, Bill Gates recently was linked to the purchase of a superyacht unlike the world has ever seen. Powered by hydrogen, extravagant beyond your wildest imagination and costing nearly $650MM USD, it truly is a piece unique.

There's just one problem. Gates isn't the buyer.

The designers of the boat, Sinot, have denied his involvement. So, that's that!

Regardless, I encourage you to click the link below just to see the concept's renders. If it comes to fruition, it will be, essentially, the Bugatti Chiron of the yachting community.

The designers of the world's first hydrogen-fueled super yacht have denied the $645million vessel is going to Microsoft boss Bill Gates. 

The 370ft vessel, which only emits water, had been linked to Gates for his penchant for super yachts and his keen interest in technological solutions to climate change.

But Sinot, the designers of the concept ship, have since denied this is the case...

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Bill Gates Buys The World's SEXIEST Boat For $650MM? Its Designers Set The Record STRAIGHT...

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