Depending on who you talk to, Tesla is either one of the greatest stories of innovation and the rise of a company against all odds, or it's a house of cards just waiting to collapse. Which side are you on?

In Tesla's earlier days, there were talks of a Google purchase. But, boy, times have changed. This was way back when it would have commanded a $6B price tag. Today, with shares trading around $750 a pop, its market cap is hovering around $140B.

While it's obviously a bit of a reach to think that Google would take the plunge now, weirder things have happened. And, you have to keep in mind, that Google's self-driving car program has gone pretty quiet. Perhaps there could be some synergies there?

Having said that, a team of analysts have roughly modeled out a scenario where the technology giant acquires Tesla. It requires you to suspend your disbelief but hear them out.

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In the following analysis, we take a look at why Tesla could be an attractive acquisition target for Google. We break down our analysis into three parts: what Tesla would stand to gain, what Google would stand to gain, and a scenario where Tesla’s value could rise to $1.5 trillion aided by a deal with Google. Taking into account Google’s current market cap of $1 trillion, the combined entity could be worth north of $2.5 trillion, as we detail below...

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Is TESLA Primed For An Acquisition By GOOGLE At $1,500/Share? Anything's Possible, According To Some Analysts...

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