If there's one thing I love, it's user submissions. Thanks to our ace in the hole in SoCal, Fred Khaz, we've got our hands on some excellent spy shots.

And they're up close and personal. Yes, the very best kind.

SPIED! Next-gen BMW M3

Spotted driving north on the 405 near Irvine, the all-new BMW M3 was camouflaged pretty well. But, any one who's been tracking the development of this vehicle would spot the stand out features.

That includes the lowered stance, larger wheel/tire package, cross-drilled rotors, quad-tipped exhaust and very masked "face," that's expected to be super controversial once it is unveiled. Oddly missing are the expected "power bulge" on the front hood and I can't quite make out if there's a trunk-mounted lip spoiler.

That said, we've got to ask: Do YOU like what you see so far? Or, are you just waiting to see how the new schnoz looks on the M3 and M4?

SPIED! Next-gen BMW M3

SPIED on the STREET! Photo OVERLOAD: Spies Get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL With The All-new BMW M3!

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