The team at Porsche is scrambling to deliver all electric vehicles, sooner rather than later. It's been amazing to watch such dramatic shifts happening at today's automakers. In fact, I am a bit surprised at the drastic measures.

Porsche, for instance, is saying it will be transitioning all of its vehicles — excluding the 911 and Cayenne — to full-on EVs.

Given the brand's heritage, this is a bit shocking. Hold onto your hats, folks.

Although the Macan sport-utility vehicle is included in the portfolio that's going electric, the latest reports are indicating it will not be as abrupt as once thought. That's because after the current-gen product ends its life in 2022 or 2023, a refresh will happen and a gasoline variant will be sold for several years. In parallel, the all-new electric Macan will be in showrooms as well.

...The current-gen Macan is set to end its seven-year life cycle around 2022 or 2023, at which point we thought Porsche would discontinue the gasoline version, to be replaced by the EV.

Not so, according to this new report, which says the gasoline Macan will receive a mild facelift and continue to be sold for three more years after the EV is introduced. The news apparently comes from a top-level brand executive, but Porsche itself has not officially confirmed anything...

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RUMOR: The Current-gen Porsche Macan WILL Co-exist With An EV Macan After Its Debut

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