With the internet, almost anything is possible. Seriously, just think: How many things have you been able to accomplish thanks to the internet's help?

Personally, I've been able to do things around the house, with my vehicles and with code thanks to the 'net. As with everything though, there's a catch.

For all of the helpful content you can find, there's also the converse to that. I am talking about fail videos. If there's one thing we've learned after all of these years, it's that people love to see other's misery.

That said, without further ado, see below as a driver is gunning their BMW M2 Competition when they misshift and wind up in third gear instead of fifth.

We're told the owner had to replace the entire engine from this one mistake.

FAIL! NSFW! THIS Is What It's Like To GRENADE Your BMW M2 Competition's Engine...

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