When it comes to evaluating the world's greatest automotive reviewers, simply put, I think Harry Metcalfe is one of the best. He's a proper gear head and he isn't overly concerned about the silly stuff.

In other words, when Metcalfe does a review it won't be full of the most stunning videography or a wonderous script.

What you do get is a geek fest. This, in my humble opinion, is a great thing. You hear straight from the horse's mouth about what makes a vehicle special. And, being AutoSpies, we especially value the fact that Metcalfe is an owner.

Unlike other journalists he has a fleet of some of the most amazing autos. I don't know any other journalist that's owned a Pagani, for example.

So when I see him smiling ear-to-ear in an Audi Sport Quattro, I need to see why. To better understand what makes the Quattro SO great, check out the clip below.

Only 214 Audi Sport Quattro Group B homologation specials were built in period and of those, just 164 were road-going examples. With 306bhp from its 2.1litre turbocharged engine, it was a 155mph monster that could dispatch the 0-60mph sprint in just 4.8secs. Find out why I think it's the ultimate Group B road car here..

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe WRINGS Out The Audi Sport Quattro And CAN'T Wipe The Grin Off His Face

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