In recent years, seeing Porsche continuing to evolve may have been difficult for some Porschephiles. That's because the vehicles have become more tech-laden and more reliant on driver assistance for them to stay competitive.

That's just the way of the sports car world, these days. It's not a good or bad thing, just reality.

Having said that, automakers every now and then like to put out something that steps out of bounds. We think this is a great thing.

According to reports, Porsche is thinking of going back to basics. In an interview with Michael Mauer, he has said that Porsche is working on a vehicle inspired by the vintage 914. The plan? To go after the buyers of Golf R32s and Audi TT RS' by building a no nonsense sports car. No electric anything, wind me up windows, you get the gist.

Its purpose? To be a pure driver's car.

That said, we've got to ask: Would a no-frills 914-like Porsche be of interest to you? Or, would someone have to pull technology from your cold, dead hands?

...In an official interview posted to its Newsroom website, Porsche has detailed the history and design of the 914, launched in 1969, recognising it as a successor to the iconic 550 Spyder and describing it as a “typical Porsche” in terms of engineering.

It also asked if there is a future for the mid-engined 914 in an interview with head of design Michael Mauer.

Mauer said that a “cheaper, entry-level Porsche would be the right thing to do”.

He added: “We have this discussion all the time… A modern 550 in the broadest sense – a very simple, unpretentious car..."


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Would A Basic, No Frills Entry-level Porsche Sports Car Be Of Interest To YOU? Porsche Working On 914-inspired, A PURE Sports Car...

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