For years I've flipped the pages of Dupont Registry and there's always interesting ads. Whether it's for home security dogs, high-end watches or tricked-out campers, it really is a spectacle to behold.

Some of my favorites always were for armored vehicles.

Unless you're one of the world's richest people or a politician, do you really need to have an armored vehicle? Well, if there's a market, build it!

Although armored vehicles with bulletproof glass have been around for decades now, Tesla's Elon Musk has made a bold claim about the all-new Cybertruck: It would be outfitted with "bulletproof glass." Then Musk and another executive tested it by throwing a ball at the glass. It broke. Twice.

This gave a YouTuber — er, troll — the idea to do their own test. Take his Model 3, equip it with laminated glass and to put it through a series of tests. Examples include, rocks, sledgehammer, paintball guns and, eventually, a real firearm.

It's pretty cool to see just how solid this specialty glass really is. Check out the clip, below!

I took my beloved Tesla Model 3 and tested out a laminate that makes regular glass bulletproof.. Find out whether the reinforced bulletproof tesla model 3 can do what they tesla cybertruck couldn't and actually protect against a giant metal ball and even a bullet. Elon Musk should add this to the new tesla cybertruck's to really make them bulletproof cars!

All necessary safety precautions were used in the making of this video. The firearms used in this video were operated by licensed professionals.

VIDEO: TESTED! What Can This Tesla's Bulletproof Glass Actually Stop? A Rock? A Glock?

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