For the past year we've been hearing about Maserati's work on an all-new sports car. We haven't been sure what to expect, frankly.

Would we finally see the Alfieri?

When in-house "spy" shots revealed the research & development car, it quickly became apparent that wouldn't be the case. Why? That's because it looked like a highly modified Alfa Romeo 4C. Details remain a bit mum at this point but as of today, Maserati has made a couple things clear.

It will be called the MC20. And, this vehicle will mark the return of Maserati to its motorsport roots.

The MC echoes the "MC12," which was based off the Ferrari Enzo. Clearly, the company has no shame as the reveal clip — see below — features a ton of footage of racing legends like Fangio and the trident's notable race cars.

That said, I've got to ask: Does MC20 get two thumbs UP or DOWN from you?

REVEALED! Maserati Unveils The Name For Its All-new Super Car. Does It Get Two Thumbs UP or DOWN?

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