After seeing the BMW 4-Series Concept show car, I was a bit surprised. While we've been seeing BMW's design team take its front grilles to the absolute limit, it seems that the 7-Series and X7 have NOTHING on the next-gen 4.

That's because it features an all-new front end that's super aggressive. I mean, it brings forth an all-new type of kidney grille. And I don't think I am alone in thinking it's controversial.

If BMW was going for BIG, it definitely nailed it.

Here's the thing though. While BMW concepts tend to make it to production as seen on the show floor, every now and then one doesn't. Elements from it will be present but it won't be a clone as we've seen with other concept vehicles from the Bavarians.

With recently leaked spy shots though, it's clear: The massive, vertical kidney grilles are here to stay.

To give you the BEST idea of what it will look like, our friends from Russia have created some pretty well executed renders. It not only includes the front "face," but also its hind quarters — also based off of leaked spy shots.

So, we've got to ask: If THIS Is the next-gen 4-Series, do YOU approve of it?

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RENDERED! THIS Is The MOST Accurate Render Of The All-new BMW 4-Series — Do YOU Approve?

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