I am sure the Spies remember this story.

Champion Porsche, located in Florida, had a criminal employee operating right under its nose. Unfortunately, Shiraaz Sookralli set up a shell company, Champion Autosport, and was taking deposits for exclusive Porsche 911s (GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 RS, etc.) that were never put into the queue to be built.

Having duped 30 individuals, Sookralli was spending all of the cash in parallel. According to reports, most of the money was burned in night clubs and on a Rolls-Royce.

Eventually, "buyers" started asking questions and that's when Sookralli went underground. But not too far. He was found in South Florida.

Well, he's finally been sentenced. He'll be serving six and a half years in prison.

Apparently the judge was none too pleased when it became known that Sookralli had switched out the wheels and tires to his Rolls-Royce while out on bond. So, we've got to ask: Is six and a half years enough for this special kind of idiot? What say you, Spies?

A former salesman for Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach, who pled guilty to scamming more than 30 customers out of about $3 million, has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Shiraaz Sookralli, 45, of Plantation, pled guilty last September to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. He had faced up to 20 years in prison.

Authorities say Sookralli opened a shell corporation with a name bearing a close resemblance to both Champion Porsche and then opened a bank account in the shell corporation’s name...

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Former Porsche Salesman GUILTY Of Stealing $3MM From Customers SENTENCED. Should He Serve MORE Time?

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