The French luxury automaker we all love, Bugatti, has released a new hypercar - and it was sold out within a day of its open allocations. The fresh 2020 model is going for a cool $5.8 million each. It made its debut back in August last year, and there and then, all its limited-edition units were sold to very fortunate customers.

The Bugatti Divo got its name from the legendary Albert Divo, who was a Bugatti racer in the 1920s and is known for winning multiple championships. The Bugatti Divo is very recognizable with a horse-shoe shaped front grille and unique rear fins. It is admired for being able to handle corners and curves gracefully while running at the highest speeds.

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2020 Bugatti Divo  SPIED Ahead Of Delivery - Now THIS Should Be The Next Batmobile

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