Something I've been discussing with Agent 001 is whether or not today's consumers actually care about owning their vehicles long term. It seems that society, at large, is comfortable with disposable items.

More specifically, disposable technology.

In the computing and mobile ages we've become accustomed to buying and swapping out our devices in shorter cycles. When automobiles were simpler it made sense to hold onto it for 10 plus years. But now as infotainment systems become outdated, Apple Car Play and Android Auto take over and more fuel economy advancements are made year-over-year, it seems that today's vehicles are the latest disposable form of technology.

Most folks I know aren't buying their cars and trucks. They're leasing. Hell, even the few folks I know that are purchasing their autos are swapping them on a pretty consistent basis.

That said, the folks from iSeeCars just put out a new list. For those of you seeking to hold onto a vehicle past the 200,000 mile mark, you'll want to see the Top 15 vehicles reaching that milestone. Oddly, the top 10 is dominated by full-size sport-utility vehicles and trucks. They take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

So, I've got to ask: Are you keeping any vehicle to the 200,000 mark? If so, is it one of the Top 15, below?

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