When the BMW X5M and X6M first made their debut around 2010, I was appalled. To me, it was an affront to all things M GmbH. It was completely despicable, I wrote. 

I was completely wrong.

After driving both an X5M and X6M I was blown away. Although completely irrational, I spent time on the track with both and got comfortable with pushing them to the limit. You'd never come close on normal roads but, boy, it was eye opening to understand just how capable these vehicles were.

It didn't take too long for me to realize they were some of my favorite BMWs. Forget the M5. Forget the M6 Gran Coupe. Why bother when you have all-wheel drive and plenty of utility for around town errands?

Well, now we're presented with the third-generation X5M and X6M. Can BMW keep pace?

With more high-performance sport-utility vehicle competition than ever, it's a totally new world for these products. So, how does it do?

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Should I buy one?

Many will see it as a dinosaur – the last of the pure-combustion-engine breed. And yet it’s hard not to admire M’s engineering achievements in creating the X6 M.

Yes, it’s pricey – some £17,780 more than the arguably more rounded X6 M50i. But you might just be looking at a future classic – 284g/km of CO2 and all.

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