I just came across an interesting story related to the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS). Since this an extraordinary occurrence, now what happens?

Some auto manufacturers have made alternative plans. Unsurprisingly, most launches will go digital.

Others? There is no "plan B."

To me, this is outrageous. How can you NOT have a "plan B," when the coronavirus situation has been discussed ad nauseam over the past several weeks? It's not like this sneaked up on them. Sure, the Geneva Motor Show organizers are to blame for leading journalists, vendors and manufacturers on with false hope but that doesn't mean to not have a back up plan in the event the show gets trashed.

Talk about poor planning via Marketing and Public Relations departments.

Carmakers were scrambling to reorganise press conferences and vehicle presentations after Swiss authorities forced the cancellation of the Geneva car show on Friday in an effort to contain the coronavirus.

More than 160 exhibitors were scheduled to show off their cars and services at the 90th Geneva Motor Show, which was due to start on Monday and last until March 15.

and Mercedes-Benz said they would use live-streaming to present the BMW Concept i4 and a revamped Mercedes E-Class respectively...

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#GIMS: Is It HARD To Believe That Some Automakers Have NO

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