If you hadn't noticed by now, Tesla is not like the other auto manufacturers. Sometimes this works in the EV company's favor. Other times, it doesn't.

With buyers eagerly awaiting the delivery of Model Y vehicles, we're awaiting a first proper look at a production model that's shipped. Why, you ask?

Well, not much about the production version actually exists. Tesla hasn't exactly been totally forthcoming with information.

As the Model Y has starting shipping, folks on the front lines are snapping pictures and showing as much of the all-new Tesla as possible. We embrace this as we're thinking the Model Y may stand to be even more popular than the Model 3 sedan.

Remember, today's consumers want a higher driving position and the more space, the better.

That said, check out the first batch of photos and some keen observations thanks to the team at electrek. See below!

We haven’t seen much of the Model Y interior, and have assumed it would mostly look like the Model 3, just a bit bigger. But we have seen that the third-row seats aren’t very large, at least in prototype form.

But now that cars are shipping from the factory, we’re starting to see photos and video of the Model Y interior, including more charging options for devices than on the Model 3.

It’s getting repetitive now, but… the Model Y comes out in just a couple weeks, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Since Tesla’s spec list is somewhat lacking, we’ve resorted to size comparisons using whatever objects people happen to have on them and even the people themselves...

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SPIED! FIRST Look At The All-new Tesla Model Y's Interior — Notice ANY Differences Over The Model 3?

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