This definitely is not something you see everyday.

According to reports from SoCal's fancy Newport Beach, a driver left a bar and was engaged in a high-speed pursuit with the police. After finding themselves in a hairy situation, the 29-year-old male driver took it to the limit and paid the ultimate price.

He paid with his life.

Thankfully, a female passenger escaped with only a broken ankle. It's hard to believe given the vehicle was traveling upwards of 100 mph, struck a palm tree and then split in half.

To get an idea of the force of the impact, the AMG GT's engine was found more than 100 feet from the crash site.

Be safe out there, Spies.

A California man has died after the Mercedes he was driving slammed into a palm tree during a police pursuit in ritzy Newport Beach. 

The high-speed collision, which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning,  caused the luxury vehicle to split in half upon impact.  

A woman in the passenger seat, who was wearing a seat belt,  managed to survive the crash and was rushed to the hospital with a broken ankle. 

Police have not revealed the name of the deceased driver, but did state that he was 29 years of age...

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