While Mercedes-Benz has not given up the faith for its E-Class Wagon in the States, one change will be happening for the 2021 model year. That would be the addition of a new E-Class wagon.

Dubbed the All-Terrain, it is a slightly different wagon.

Geneva Motor Show

**READ the Mercedes-Benz E-Class press release HERE!

Rather than mimic the E-Class sedan's exterior look, the All-Terrain takes a decidedly more brute-ish look. That includes more trim that can take a licking and keep on ticking (e.g., black plastic). Note the revised front clip, side skirts and rear clip.

Additionally, it boasts a front grille similar to what's found on the GLE and GLS models, and blacked-out mirror caps and trim.

It all seems very Audi Allroad-like to us.

So, we've got to wonder: Is the E-Class All-Terrain a STUD or DUD?

Geneva Motor Show

#GIMS: STUD or DUD? Are You PUMPED That The Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain Is Coming Ashore?

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