As we all know, things are in flux for dare we say the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. His contract is up and his amazing estate is for sale. And no one knows where he will end up. Tenessee? LA? SF? LV? Your guess is as good as ours but as football fans, we wish him, Gisele and his family the best wherever they land.

We could help spy the video tour of his estate and while we were doing that, we noticed a bevy of cars there.

So we thought it be fun to see how good you spies are at naming brands and models...

Only the best will have the true talent on this one because the photo ISN'T Auto Spies quality.

There is also a great video tour of the house at the link.

So have at it boys and girls, WHO will get the bragging rights?

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WHO Has Got What It Takes To Guess ALL The Car Brands And Models At Tom Brady's Estate?

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