Since Bugatti's resurrection, it's been building vehicles purely with one intention: Provide the most luxurious experience while hitting record-breaking top speeds. That's it.

Well, until now.

Geneva Motor Show

In lieu of the canceled 2020 Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti decided to roll out the news of its latest creation. Dubbed the Pur Sport, its intentions are just as it sounds.

Rather than seek speeds only one could achieve on the autobahn or a private test track, Bugatti has been hearing from its customers that they want a track-focusd variant. Thus, the Pur Sport is born.

This more focused Chiron adds more downforce, drops 110 pounds, changes the gear ratios, increases its rev limiter by 200 RPMs and keeps its W16 quad-turbo engine good for 1500 horsepower.

Only 60 copies will be made with production starting in 2H 2020. The price? $3.6MM.

Geneva Motor Show

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#GIMS: The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is EXACTLY What Happens When Team Bugatti Decides To Go To The TRACK

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