In an exploratory piece seeking to better understand how high-performance grand touring cars have evolved, our friends at Autocar ran into a really interesting problem. So, which one would YOU take home?

You may be a bit surprised at their result.

I don't want to give it away just yet but if you're that impatient you can scroll down to the verdict, which is below.

Essentially, what you have are three flavors. A pure, gasoline-fed GT63 S. A hybrid in form of Volvo's Polestar 1. And a pure electric vehicle (EV) in form of the Porsche Taycan. Obviously they each do things a bit different and they appeal to different audiences.

Ultimately though we want to know one thing: Who gets the "W?"

Keep in mind, all three are on sale right now.

You might imagine that, with the ‘road to zero’ picture looking like it does, I’d recommend that someone with the means to be in this particular market should buy the Mercedes now, while they still can, before the public mood and legislative context turns irrevocably against it; the Polestar in a few years, it being an ideal bridge and introduction to an electrified touring future; and the Taycan in perhaps another few years more, when the world is ready to better support owning and charging it.

That sounds like a very reasonable argument. Trouble is, with the memory of all three cars and an epic couple of days now hardened but still fresh in the mind, the Porsche is all I can think about. How on earth does it perform and handle like that? How have they hidden all that weight so well? Could I possibly find a way to make it fit into my life?

Truly great cars have a habit of leaving you thus bewitched and bewildered, stuck for explanations. And GT or not, we can be sure of this much if nothing else: the Porsche Taycan deserves absolutely no less a billing than that.

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CAR WARS! Who Gets The WIN In This Unlikely Trio? Mercedes-AMG GT63 S vs. Porsche Taycan vs. Polestar 1

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